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Training diary or training diary
Some athletes who train on the water or in the gym periodically record something in a training diary. These, of course, are not poetic sketches or sudden, brilliant ideas from…

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What you need and even need to take with you to the pool? This question arises for all those who have decided to seriously engage in swimming. In this article…

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What to do when a sports career is over?
Olympic career is short-lived. When it comes to an end, it becomes important whether you have a job, a job, a profession, to which you can return to another -…

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Interesting facts about the Dakar Rally

The organizer of the legendary Paris-Dakar auto marathon is the French motorcyclist Thierry Sabin. In 1977, the 28-year-old adventurer lost his way in the African desert Tenere. He survived by a miracle – he was found by local nomads. You would think that the hapless motorcycle racer forever refused to race on the sand? Continue reading

Dance Sport. A recognized sport.

The ancient Greeks, the founders of the Olympic movement never shared beauty and strength, art and sport. No wonder the famous philosopher Plato was also an Olympic boxing champion, more precisely, the ancient Greek mixture of boxing and wrestling. That is why the recognition of the IOC of such sports and art as artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming and dancing pleases. Perhaps they do not meet the criteria of “faster, higher, stronger”, but because they are no less complex, interesting and beautiful. Continue reading

Effective health promotion exercises

Almost all experts in the field of fitness believe that there are no miraculous exercises that allow you to get sports forms in just 10-15 minutes of training. In sports, you get as much as you invest. But this does not mean that your workouts should be exhausting.
However, the same experts say that not all exercises are equally effective. Various exercises are most effective at different levels of training. Some are aimed at burning fat, while others are aimed at building muscle.
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Salo – strength, sport – the grave?

Almost all of us in childhood engaged in any sport. But only a few continue to do this in later life, and the rest make excuses, explaining the lack of time, money, desire. And really, is there any point in doing sports or going to the gym?
There’s a meaning. No matter what they say, in any case sport strengthens the body and health and allows you to keep yourself in shape. Unfortunately, modern youth and adults do not want to go in for sports, certainly underestimating the important role of sports development in our life. And there are many options – from dancing to weightlifting. What is the point of going to the gym or doing any sports? Continue reading

Ida go karting!

Labor days stretch and stretch, and do the weekends fly by completely unnoticed? How long has something bright and memorable happened in your life? Or maybe it’s worth changing your attitude towards leisure and going on … karting? Vivid emotions you just guaranteed. In addition, this rest is useful both physically and emotionally. The only danger is that it can turn into a serious hobby!
So what is karting? Continue reading

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Florence Calcio - the most violent kind of football
Who is the toughest player in the history of world football? Here, as in the saying - "how many people, so many opinions." Someone will recall the Spaniard Andoni Goicochea,…


Cherche la femme. Try - catch up!
Who said that the girls are weak and bring trouble to the ship? Superstition and sea nonsense! The girl in the boat - to the platonic love, and the junior…


Frank photoshoot rowers
From time to time, athletes agree to provocative photo shoots and unequivocally demonstrate their excellent physical form. The naked torsos of canoeists, the seductive figures of canoe-makers ... Freedom of…


It's no secret that the more a person moves, the better his health. This truth applies to everyone without exception, and especially to people with disabilities. Indeed, often the state…