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Tips for the future world rowing champion
Tips for the future world champion in rowing. (2 part) Competitions are your finest hour, a chance to show yourself and everyone around you what you are capable of. And…

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Parents: how to instill in the child a love for sport
- The desire to start playing sports can not occur in a child by itself. Something should captivate the kid: the older brother's story about training, watching interesting sports programs…

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Fill the board. Symmetry around us
At dawn, there is an hour when the surface of the water on the lake is absolutely still. Cutting the mirror with the bow of the boat is pleasure! If…

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What you need and even need to take with you to the pool? This question arises for all those who have decided to seriously engage in swimming. In this article we will tell you what you need for training in the pool.

Medical certificate
To visit most pools in our country requires a medical certificate (but not all). Such a medical certificate must confirm that you are not a peddler of various infections and that you are allowed to take swimming lessons for health reasons. Help can be easily done at your local doctor in the local clinic, it is enough for him to say that this certificate will be presented for visiting the pool. Continue reading


The natural desire of any parent is to grow the child strong and healthy. Obviously, sports can help the child in this. However, there is not always an unequivocal answer to the question: at what age should a child be enrolled in a particular sports section or school?

Of course, everything is very individual here. What matters is the sex of the child, the degree of his development, and finally, a predisposition to any kind of sport. In this case, it is simply necessary that the child himself would have the desire to practice, because attending the “hard labor” workouts chosen by his parents will only negatively affect his mental health. Continue reading


How to choose a sports section for children? It seems to be not the most difficult question. Adults who think where to send their children to go in for sports often decide it based on their own taste and their unfulfilled desires. However, parents should be aware that the section they choose for the child, and therefore, first of all, you should focus on his abilities and capabilities.
The most important thing is not to hurry. Firstly, it is still almost impossible for babies to identify a predisposition to a particular sport. Secondly, coaches who are able to work with children are easy to count. Of the other sports at this age are available except wushu, aikido and alpine skiing. But it should be borne in mind that all such sections are commercial, there are too few of them, and they will most likely be away from your home. Continue reading


Baby hardening is especially important for toddlers of infants and debilitated children (premature, suffering from hypotrophy, rickets, diathesis, or other allergic diseases). Child hardening is based on the property of the body to gradually adapt to unusual conditions. The transition from weaker by tempering procedures to stronger ones (by lowering the temperature of air, water, and increasing the duration of the procedure) should be carried out gradually. Continue reading


This article is not about “sports nutrition” i. anabolic drugs and various dietary supplements, information about which can be found on specialized resources, and whose positive effect on the body causes us to have certain doubts, namely, how to eat regular food during sports.

The human body should receive daily enough carbohydrates and proteins, as well as some fat, vitamins, minerals and plenty of water. The effectiveness of sports activities is associated with a significant activation of protein synthesis in working muscles. Continue reading

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Olympic stamps: rowing in miniatures
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Training diary or training diary
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