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The natural desire of any parent is to grow the child strong and healthy. Obviously, sports can help the child in this. However, there is not always an unequivocal answer to the question: at what age should a child be enrolled in a particular sports section or school?

Of course, everything is very individual here. What matters is the sex of the child, the degree of his development, and finally, a predisposition to any kind of sport. In this case, it is simply necessary that the child himself would have the desire to practice, because attending the “hard labor” workouts chosen by his parents will only negatively affect his mental health. If parents do not take into account the child’s readiness to play sports, they may be faced with the fact that the child will soon be asked to pick him up from the section. It is likely that after the first  negative experience, the child will no longer have a desire to practice. In order to avoid such a reaction, parents should take very seriously the age at which the child should be given to the sport.

Assessment of physical development and condition

The first important step on this journey will be a consultation with a doctor. Do not neglect this consultation, because children’s health is at stake, and maybe even the whole life. The doctor will examine the child, identify the presence of contraindications and assess the level of his physical development. Next, try to talk to the parents of those children who are already enrolled in any sports section. Find out at what age they started to take the child to workout, and if there were any problems later.

Every age has its own sport

As mentioned above, for each sport has its own age. However, every year there are new, progressive training programs, and therefore many sports are significantly “younger”. A vivid example of this is the set of coordinated sports, which include rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, synchronized swimming, and others. Kids are accepted here already at the age of three, because the younger a child is, the easier it is to develop all the necessary qualities in it. Even such cases when professional trainers personally come to kindergartens to notice talented and promising kids are not uncommon.

At four years, the girls open the way to the world of sports and rhythmic gymnastics. At the same age they begin to teach swimming. At the same time, if after a year of classes the girl will confidently float, it is quite possible that she will be taken to practice synchronized swimming. Serious sports championships in this sport can be held among 8-10 year old participants.
At the age of six, if the child has no contraindications, you can safely give it to figure skating.
At the age of seven you can begin to practice acrobatics, sport dancing, table tennis.
With the onset of eight or nine years old boys can begin to engage in wrestling. Extremely careful to approach the practice of weightlifting. In spite of the fact that it is possible to come to this sport even in 10 years, it is better to do it much later. The body of the child has not yet been formed, and exercises with burdens can significantly slow down growth.

More specifically, some sports. Martial arts classes perfectly develop the child’s flexibility, coordination and precision of movements, discipline. At the same time, girls can learn it, the main thing is that they are interested in it. Certain types of wrestling are clearly not suitable for young athletes. For example, in boxing, tremors are not uncommon, and former boxers often suffer from epilepsy. Much safer are karate, judo, aikido or wushu – in principle, a child can come to the section even at the age of five.

Gymnastics, both sports and artistic, is a very demanding sport. Large loads, often lead to sprains, sprains, back pain. Of course, at the same time both flexibility, and grace, and beauty are developed, but is it worth the effort? If the child is hard, you can easily transfer him to dance or ballet, where the same qualities develop, but with less pressure. Of course, coaches advise to bring future champions into this sport at the age of four or five, but it is not too late for junior schoolchildren to start classes.

Perhaps no other sport can be as safe and at the same time useful for all ages as swimming. Swimming lessons form a beautiful figure with a good posture and also have a general health-improving value. You can start classes even from three months, because today there are many pools for joint swimming. The only thing that may not please the parents of girls is the formation of wide shoulders, but this is observed only among professional athletes, and training once or twice a week does not have this effect.