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Adam van Coverden on rowing and training

“Everyone has heard about canoes and kayaks, but not everyone knows how we handle them.” Many take years to find their vocation, but not Adam van Koeverden. The goal was right in front of him – written in black and white.

“Future Champions are wanted”

On one of the pages of the local newspaper, the Canadian boy, who was destined to become an Olympic champion, clearly saw a picture from his own future. The attention of his mother was attracted by a small announcement in the next, unremarkable issue of Oakville Beaver. The advertisement promised laurels, glory and a bright future for the new stars in the rowing world and was titled appropriately: “Future Champions Wanted”.

It was a turning point in my biography, looking at which, you think: “Wow! That day has really drastically changed my whole life! ”Recalls Adam.

“It was a long time ago. It is curious what would happen to me, where would I be now, if, instead of this article in the newspaper, my mother would read something else and write me to another sports section? But what if we didn’t notice the note at all? ”

By the age of 13, Adam had already tried his hand at football, basketball and volleyball, but did not achieve impressive results. But the kayak immediately captivated the imagination of the teenager, and since then it has never occurred to him to turn off the waterway.

“Every child should have something to boast about. As I was growing up, I performed in many teams, but, to be honest, I didn’t demonstrate a single sign of skill. Rowing is a sport that allows me to be on my own, but this requires increased concentration. ”

18 years have passed since Adam van Koeverden first took the paddle in his hands. During this time, he did not lose a drop of boyish enthusiasm, thanks to which an unknown rower turned into a champion.

“Afternoon Eye Candy”

At first, the name “Adam van Koeverden” did not say anything to the spectators of the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. But that all changed after the K-1 races at distances of 500 meters and a kilometer. The Canadian athlete won gold and bronze, respectively, and since then he continues to do everything to strengthen his position and image of the sport icon.

There are only three sections on Adam’s personal site: a blog, a biography and contacts. Sometimes blog posts appear with photos: in August from Sochi, in September from Benin, and last November from Mount Kilimanjaro. Although the athlete’s official website is modest in terms of images, Adam is a favorite subject of photographers. Many of the photographs caress the eye, the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan last year named Adam among the “Olympic beauties”.

Four Olympic medals, two World Champion titles and 26 World Cup victories did not cool Koeverden’s ardor: he still desperately craves for success. The opportunity to participate in the 2016 Olympics in Rio is a fantastic temptation for a man who grew up with a dream about the day when he will go to the main Games of the planet. At 31, this dream worries Adam even more than before.

“I definitely will go to Rio!”

“I train as if I am preparing for the Olympics, although it is difficult to say anything about an event that does not happen so soon. I find pleasure in various activities and try myself in something new. But it is impossible to ignore the fact that I am a rower and I love to compete, and in Brazil in a few years a grand race will take place. I’m not going to be “too old for this.” I do not want to resign … but I am not going to lose, I do not want to be that old wolf on the water. I hope that in the next stage of my life I will have no less opportunities for active sports. ”

Gaze from above

Van Koeverden was on top in different senses of the word, but did not lose the ability to notice the details and little things in life. In 2008, at the opening of the Olympics in Beijing, he was honored to carry the flag of his country, and today, being a representative of the Right To Play organization, he helps children from disadvantaged areas – they are still dreaming of becoming champions.

As part of this project, in November last year, Adam van Koeverden, along with six satellites, conquered Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) in Tanzania. With the help of this high-mountain adventure, more than $ 100,000 were collected for children. The athlete’s kayak proudly flaunts the “Right to Play” sticker, which often raises questions from journalists.

“When I speak in Europe, people ask me what it means, assuming that this is the name of some kind of gaming site, sponsor. Great start for a chat! Many people do not know that I am engaged in charity, aimed at improving the lives of children who are a little unlucky. When I was 13, I just went to the rowing section and eventually got access to competitions, great coaches and everything I needed. It’s great that “Right to Play” gives an opportunity to play sports to those who are deprived of it ”.

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