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Doping is a special medication used by athletes to forcibly improve the performance of the body during competitive activity or during the training process. The nature of a particular doping…


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Cherche la femme. Try – catch up!

Who said that the girls are weak and bring trouble to the ship? Superstition and sea nonsense! The girl in the boat – to the platonic love, and the junior sprinter – to the prizes and express interviews at CanoeSport.
Selection to the national team is over. The second and third rounds ended, in which the girls performed in “singles” and “twos” at distances of 200, 500 and 1000 meters.

Where are the best girls? In the rowing club!

The girls made a worthy performance at the competitions in Krasnodar and now they are here with us at CanoeSport.

II round: All-Russian competitions (up to 19 years)

Passed from April 15 to April 20 in Krasnodar.

III round: Championship of Russia (up to 24 years)

Disciplines: K-2 200 m, 500 m and 1000 m, as well as C-2 500 m.

Ended in Krasnodar – watch the results of the competition!

Speed, luck and spring

In Krasnodar, it became clear that they did not try in vain. We present you three canoeists and three canoe tamers:

Kayak: Inna Nikitina, Lyudmila Odintsova, Christina Kovnir

Canoeing: Eleonora Kovalchuk, Olesya Nikiforova, canoeists and three

The results table of the All-Russian Junior Competitions 15-20.04.14 .:

K-1 200 m

C-1 200 m

K-2 200 m

K-1 1000 m

1. Inna Nikitina 44.12
2. Odintsova Lyudmila 45.34
3. Christine Kovnir 45.54

1. Kovalchuk Eleonora 51.28
2. Nikiforova Olesya 52.35
3. Kharchenko Daria 53.33

1.Odintsova-Anoshkina 41,74
2. Kovnir-Bolshakov 42.00
3. Polezhay-Ivanova 43,49

1. Inna Nikitina 4,37,06
2. Baranova Varvara 4,38,70
3. Anoshkina Arina 4,42,85

K-1 500 m

K-2 1000 m

K-2 500 m

C-2 500 m

1. Inna Nikitina 2.03
2. Baranova Varya 2.05
3. Bolshakova Sasha 2.08

1. Baranova-Nikitina 3.53
2. Kovnir-Bolshakov 3.59
3. Anoshkina-Odintsova 4.04

1. Nikitina-Baranova 1.50
2. Anoshkina-Odintsova 1.53
3. Kovnir-Bolshakov 1.54

1. Skalozub-Nikiforova 2.11
2. Karpova-Kovalchuk 2,12
3. Monastyrskaya-Kharchenko 2.17

K-4 500 m

1. Nikitin-Baranova-Odintsova-Anoshkina 1,43,61
2. Kovnir-Bolshakov-Gusev-Timoshenko 1.43.97
3. Romah-Igniteva-Kiselev-Ivanov 1.48.43

Spring essay on CanoeSport

What does your usual spring day look like?

Is there a special girlish pleasure in rowing?

What sport besides rowing interests you?

What do you want to say to CanoeSport readers?

We thank athletes who willingly found time for interviews and wrote answers. We wish you all good luck and victories!

“Victory gives courage, and defeat, strength.”

Born in 1997, Kaluga Region, Typhoon Sports School, coach Alexander Goryunov.

The champion of Russia in K-1 by 200, 500, 1000 m. Winner of the European and World Championships.

Four victories at the All-Russian competitions: 200, 500, 1000 m, in K-1 and K-2.

At last year’s World Championships, the kayaker lost to her rivals, but next time Dane Emma and Englishwoman Rebecca are unlikely to be so lucky. We wish Inna success, including the Youth Olympic Games, easy admission to the Institute of Physical Education and the emergence of a new satellite – red enduro. Only 450 cubes, only hardcore!
My usual day at the gathering looks like this: at 7 am we have a charge, after breakfast. At 10 o’clock in the morning – the first training session, at one in the afternoon – lunch, and then a nap during the day. At 16:00 the second training begins, at 19:00 – dinner and rest!
I am very rarely at home, in the evenings I often have a workout …

Girls thanks to rowing are very developed physically. As for the girlish pleasures associated with sports … In the summer, guys train in leggings, it’s nice to look at the steeply pumped torsos, and even without t-shirts!

I like racing in cars and motorcycles, and before rowing, I went to football for five years.

Sometimes it was hard, but I endured. Sometimes I didn’t want to go to workouts, but I forced myself … I had to sacrifice a lot, for example, friends and study. I had to limit myself to food in order to keep weight normal … But now I understand that all this was not in vain! I have already reached not small peaks and I am going not to stop, but to achieve more! Ahead of the Olympic Games … Wait for me!

Lyudmila Odintsova

“The brightest in rowing is drops when the oars are taken out!”

Krasnodar region. Center for sports training in rowing at the BC, coach Svetlana Lyfar.

In the collection all the days, as one, just spring on the water is beautiful in its own way.

Pleasure is when you look at the beauty of the shores, at how flowers and trees bloom, listen to the birds sing … A landscape is created before your eyes. And I also like rowing so that you can keep fit, work out in the gym!

When she was small, she was engaged in artistic gymnastics. Then she decided to try herself in team-team sports, such as handball and basketball, but later she remained in rowing, as she was drawn out.

In conclusion, I want to wish everyone good results, always a fair wind and the achievement of all goals!

Olesya Nikiforova

“Miracles where they believe in”

Rostov Region, SDUSHOR-5, trainers Alexander Lysov and Natalia Nesterova.

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Cherche la femme. Try - catch up!
Who said that the girls are weak and bring trouble to the ship? Superstition and sea nonsense! The girl in the boat - to the platonic love, and the junior…


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